1. Curtice,Travis B. Spring 2018. “The Autocrat’s Dilemma: The Politics of Ethnic Policing.” CP: Newsletter of the Comparative Politics Organized Section of the American Political Science Association, 28 (1): 24–29.

  2. Ugandan police are attacking protesters. Here’s how that backfires” (with Brandon Berhlendorf) Washington Post (January 2018).

  3. Do coups improve human rights in countries like Gabon?” (with Daniel Arnon) Democracy in Africa (January 2018).

  4. Deterring Threat and Settling Scores: How Coups Influence Respect for Physical Integrity Rights” (with Daniel Arnon) (Forthcoming) Conflict Management and Peace Science.

Working Papers:

  1. Police and Coethnic Bias in Autocracies: Evidence from Two Experiments in Uganda” EGAP ID: 20180605AC & EGAP ID: 20181015AA.

  2. Street-Level Repression: Protest, Policing, and the Dissent in Uganda” (with Brandon Berhlendorf) EGAP ID: 20180716AA.

  3. The Limits of Linkage: The Political Economy of Human Rights Trade Sanctions” (with Eric Reinhardt)

  4. Securing the Ballot or the Voter: The Politics of Policing Election Violence in Kenya

  5. Rebels and the Regime: The Politics of Civilian Victimization” (Under review).

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